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  • Stereo Range Imager (SRIM) Technology and Intelligent Stereo Camera (ISC) Unit

    • Underlying theory of Stereo Range Imager (SRIM) is also used in auto motive solutions, which Dr. Keiji Saneyoshi, Director, CTO, ITD Lab Corp., invented during his working for Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd in 1990s. Starting from this base, we have accomplished a big improvement, in terms of automatic calibration, parallax image accuracy as well as calculation performance (parallel process optimization), and realize the most cost-effective + highest performance 3-D distance measurement system. Now we are ready to apply this top-notch technology to a wide range of applications, such as automobile, drone, construction machine, industrial robot and so on.
    • Stereo Range Imager (SRIM) Technology is implemented in Intelligent Stereo Camera (ISC) unit from ITD Lab Corp. The below is a unit example in case of Advanced Drivers Assistant System.
    • SRIM front
    • We are also fully open to customize Intelligent Stereo camera (ISC) unit, based on your special requests

    Intelligent Stereo Camera (ISC) Unit for Advanced Drivers Assistant System

      SRIM image

    Front Monitor System / Back Monitor System

      ntelligent Stereo Camera (ISC) unit calculates TTC (Time to Collision) for each object detected in front, and provides ECU with following information for “the objects with the lowest five (5) TTC”. “The objects with the lowest five (5) TTC” means “the objects with the highest five (5) collision risk”.
    • Distance to detected object
    • Relative speed of detected object
    • TTC (Time to Collision)
    • Object Status (=New, Old and Not Existing Anymore)
    • Warning info of “Lane Departure” (=Warning, No Warning)
    • SRIM front
      SRIM rear